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Sheep Breeding

Wellard Agri’s sheep flock is large and growing in volume, and due to the genetic influence of the Hyfield Poll Merino stud, bred for performance.

Almost 75,000 ewes, rams, wethers and lambs are run on Wellard Agri’s owned and leased properties, to capitalise on consumer demand for wool and sheep meat.

In addition,  sheep complement the management of Wellard Agri’s grain production enterprise and provide additional production, paddock management and revenue diversity.

The Wellard Agri ewe flock is largely a self replacing flock, with sheep surplus to requirements sold to processors or live export buyers.

Cleanskin project

This closed loop supply chain breeds sheep ideally suited to the demands of international consumers.

Sheep producers are forward contracted to supply Wellard Rural Exports with heavyweight sheep, with the farmer benefiting from a guaranteed buyer and price.  Additional weight and quality premiums are also paid.

In turn, Wellard Rural Exports benefits from the guaranteed supply of a product demanded by its customers.

As part of the Cleanskin project, which now comprises more than 20,000 ewes, Wellard also assists with the provision of high performance genetics using a variety of commercial arrangements.