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Wellard is meeting rising global demand for protein through the supply of quality livestock and value-added-product to consumers throughout the world. Our principal business is the supply of live sheep and cattle to the Middle East and Asia, providing an important link between producers of quality livestock and consumers.


Wellard, the leading supplier of quality meat and livestock
to customers around the world

Wellard has successfully grown from a local livestock trading business to become an ASX-listed, international agribusiness connecting primary producers of cattle, sheep and other livestock to customers globally through a vertically integrated supply chain.

Wellard sources livestock in countries with large herds of cattle and/or flocks of sheep (eg. Australia, Brazil, Uruguay and New Zealand) and sells livestock and meat to customers in markets where demand exceeds local production (eg. China, Indonesia, Vietnam, the Middle East and Turkey).

Wellard is a significant seaborne livestock marketer and exporter globally and is the largest exporter of live cattle from Australia, accounting for approximately 25%-30% of all live cattle exports.

To support its operations and achieve optimal animal welfare outcomes, Wellard owns or controls critical, specialist infrastructure at various stages of its supply chain including strategically located pre-export quarantine facilities and a fleet of purpose-built livestock vessels.

The company also owns and operates the Beaufort River Meats sheep abattoir in Western Australia, enabling it to provide a complete livestock and meat solution for international customers.

Wellard’s global presence provides it with greater security and diversity of supply of livestock as well as visibility on market dynamics and higher margin opportunities between various export and import markets and between livestock and meat.

Importantly, Wellard’s ownership of critical and specialist infrastructure across its supply chain provides it with the flexibility to take advantage of changes in market conditions and limits its reliance on third parties to meet the requirements of its customers.

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