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Wellard is meeting rising global demand for protein through the supply of quality livestock and value-added-product to consumers throughout the world. Our principal business is the supply of live sheep and cattle to the Middle East and Asia, providing an important link between producers of quality livestock and consumers.


Wellard was founded in Italy in the 1950s, primarily trading livestock between Europe and the Middle East, and expanded to Australia in the 1980s.

Since that time, Wellard has successfully grown from a local livestock trading business to become an integrated livestock and value-added product marketing and export business with an on-the-ground presence in 10 countries.

Key milestones in Wellard’s evolution:

Date Event
  • Emilio Balzarini establishes livestock businesses in Europe
  • First shipment from Australia on the MV El Podrero
  • Wellard establishes a permanent presence in Australia, primarily exporting sheep to the Middle East
  • Launch of the world’s largest purpose-built livestock carrier (MV Ocean Drover)
  • Expansion into exporting live cattle to South East Asia
  • Delivery of two mid-sized vessels, the MV Ocean Swagman and MV Ocean Outback
  • Export of beef and dairy breeding cattle to China commenced
  • Entered the meat processing and export market through the purchase of Beaufort River Meats to diversify its products
  • Further diversification of livestock supply via the expansion of supply centres in North and South America
  • Export capacity expansion via the acquisition of MV Ocean Ute
  • Wellard lists on the ASX
  • Added export capacity expansion with the delivery of the MV Ocean Shearer into the fleet


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