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Wellard is meeting rising global demand for protein through the supply of quality livestock and value-added-product to consumers throughout the world. Our principal business is the supply of live sheep and cattle to the Middle East and Asia, providing an important link between producers of quality livestock and consumers.

MV Ocean Swagman Chalks Up 100 Voyages

November 10, 2017


Wellard Limited (ASX:WLD): The Wellard designed and operated mid-sized livestock vessel, the MV Ocean Swagman, has completed its milestone 100th voyage.

The MV Ocean Swagman was launched in 2009 with a revolutionary Dual Independent Propulsion System, comprising dual engine rooms and propellers, to provide it with levels of redundancy and therefore safety, rarely seen in cruise liners and never before built into livestock vessels.

Since its launch the vessel has travelled 690,074 nautical miles (almost 1.3 million kilometres) which is equivalent to almost 30 laps of the world at the equator. On those voyages it visited 282 ports (Note: number includes multi-port loading, multi-port discharge, refuel and dry dock).

“When it was launched the MV Ocean Swagman was heralded as the next generation in livestock design and vessel construction,” said Wellard Executive Director – Operations Fred Troncone.

“The vessel has lived up to those expectations, with excellent voyage success rates and weight gains – a product of content livestock passengers and high performance of the air, water and food livestock services on board.”

The MV Ocean Swagman’s advanced ventilation system fans an average of 110 air changes per hour, four times the number of air changes per hour on a commercial airliner, so the 540,000 cattle and 120,000 sheep that travelled on the vessel on its 100 voyges to date travelled in comfort….consuming more than 50,000 tonnes of fodder in the process.

The MV Ocean Swagman’s 100th voyage was representative of the vessel’s overall performance, recording a success rate of 99.95 per cent from the 6000 cattle breeding cattle relocated from Victoria to China.


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